The objective of this topic is to create and use data from outside the apps. One of the advantages of using i-Regand is the ease of retrieving data files.  The apps is capable of locating all the data files stored in your smartphone. 

Data file

The apps can retrieve four types of data file:

  • Microsoft Excel (xls or xlsx)

  • CSV file, comma delimited

  • Text file (txt)

  • Project sheet (iman)

The first three are very common to users, while the forth is specifically developed for and within i-Regand. 

Data format

C:\Users\User\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2018-05-01 at 19.32.37.jpeg

To enable i-Regand to read your data properly,  a certain format must be followed. There are three data format:

  • Cross-section data

  • Time-series data, with or without time-series id.

  • Panel data, must have time-series and cross-section id. 

Before explaining each data type, some common rules apply to all of them:

  • Data should be placed on the top-left side of the sheet.  For Excel file, the Apps will only recognize the first sheet.

  • Each column represents one variables, variables are stacked from left to right

  • Variable names should be placed in the first row of each column

  • Time series id or cross-section id should be placed on the first column(s).

  • Missing observation is not allowed.

Time series data has to be ordered properly from the oldest to the newest observation.  Moreover, it has to be equally spaced (e.g. if you have monthly data, you cannot mix it with daily or quarterly data). Time series id (if any) should be placed in the first column.  Alternatively, you can let data undated. See the example below. 

With time series id :

C:\Users\User\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2018-05-01 at 19.32.36.jpeg